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Satvikk Speciality Foods

Satvikk Speciality Foods offers the best packaged Dry Fruits, Dried Fruits, and Spices & Chocolates to make Gourmet Quality Food of international standards. With over four generations of experience in the field of Dry Fruit business Satvikk continuously strive for the highest quality and excellence. Satvikk guarantees its commitment in every SKU of Satvikk products.

Satvikk started its operations in Bangalore during Dec 2011 and has expanded its operations by opening 10 stores in Bangalore, Mysore, Vellore and Gurgaon. In addition Satvikk also made a sizeable entry into online shopping and reached catering to 500 orders per day in a very short period by organizing all logistic requirements. Satvikk’s vision is to be a role model in the Retail Food Industry with a focus on vegetarian food products and a path setter in the changing paradigm of nutritional needs and health improvement of all strata of populations.

Satvikk has a wide range of products to the tune of 6000+ SKUs out of which 80{134b7f9366c87c2112a13fd6f5177f6321702aac42c8795b7095451139231da1} are Satvikk’s own products. Satvikk’s speciality is to indulge its customers  in the subtle flavors of dry fruits, spice up life with condiments range, treat to a diet of healthy organic food and delight in the joyful bliss of home made chocolates and get tantalize taste buds with delicious food products. The products offered by Satvikk are not only for indulgence but are also an ideal way of expressing sentiments to the loved ones.

Satvikk’s mission is to expand on Pan India basis by consolidating Satvikk’s trusted brand image and make a dent in international arena by opening Satvikk’s outlets on foreign soil.

Satvikk has always been keen to provide its customers, an exceptional variety of irresistible, nutritious and healthy choice of fresh food products. Satvikk’s shopping ambience is a bliss that stands a world apart with one of the best ever retail outlets in Bangalore. Satvikk’s collection of Almonds, Cashew nuts, Pistachios, Raisins, Figs, Dry and Wet Dates, Walnuts and also few rare nuts like the Macadamia nuts, Californian prunes, Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and the Pecan nuts are some of our star attractions.

Satvikk also takes care of the special needs of the extraordinary connoisseurs of fine food and canned/bottled fruit juices along with assorted chocolates and biscuits.
Satvikk specializes in Gifting for all Special Occasions, Festivals and Marriage Functions. Satvikk Dry Fruit counters are special attraction for healthy food lovers during weddings. Satvikk is the ultimate choice for Corporate Gifting.

Satvikk also caters to the needs of the customers for products like rare exotic blends of fresh Tea grown from the wilderness of cold mountains across the world and pickles, curry powder or Nut Mace, Satvikk can be viewed as end shopping destination for various needs of daily life. Spice up and food with those special assortments of whole spices and in-house processed powders at Satvikk.  Rare collection of herbs such as Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Mixed herbs and much more, to add that special flavor to dishes preparation can be added attraction at Satvikk.

A perfect picture of contrast, Satvikk store is also hoarded with the low-calorie chips, potato laches and much more. We also have oil-free papads, mixtures and diet snacks for the fitness freaks. At Satvikk experience an ultimate shopping experience without the feeling of guilt!